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Discover Belgian quality for those who want to be unique.
Decopur, trendsetting in home linen, with respect for the know-how of
a centuries old Belgian textile industry and innovating contemporary pure design.


Made with love - meant to be loved.

Our home linen - an introduction.
80% of quality flax fibres are original from France and Belgium is the world leader. Our flax is exclusive because it represents only 1% of all textile fibres consumed worldwide. Having selected the finest pur linen fibres, together with carefully chosen colours, we offer the ultimate in matching linen textiles.




From flower to fibre, linen has been DECOPUR's passion for over 20 years. Driven by the creative vision of founder Martine Kaesen and her decicated team of weavers and confectioners, DECOPUR designs and manufacturers Belgian quality home linen. With a love for natural linen and craftmanship, the collection mixes sober and luxurious design. DECOPUR was established in Flanders in 1993, where flax has been cultivated and transformed into linen cloth since ancient times.

"Today, we are still very inspired and motivated to create quality home textiles. Our philosophy is based on a solid design vision, defined by simplicity and an informal approach to timeless elegance. We are thrilled to share our love for exquisite, natural linen yarns, high comfort and craftmanship with our customers all over the world."